International Performances

Tours & International Performances

The senior and performance troupe of the Attridge Academy of Irish Dance regularly travel throughout Ireland and internationally, to perform at cultural events, arts festivals, carnivals, dance performances, and various other shows.

1961 saw the Attridge Dance Group travel abroad for the first time, when they attended a Folk Dance Festival in Helendorn, Holland. In the subsequent the years since, the groups acclaimed reputation has developed and grown. Such is their popularity with international audiences, that they are now invited all over the world to perform at various festivals and shows on a yearly basis.

2014 – Bursa, Turkey
2012 – Disneyland, Paris, France

Attridge Academy of Irish Dance

2011 – Bursa, Turkey
2008 – Bulgaria
2008 – Kazakhstan

Attridge Academy of Irish Dance

St. Patrick’s Week in 2008 saw the Attridge Academy travel to one of our most unusual countries to date – Kazakhstan. To our surprise, there is a huge Irish community there, all brought together by Kentec, a local company from Little Island in Cork, Ireland. Our dancers were honored to perform with the well-known Cork band “Súala”, under the leadership of Jane Kennedy. We performed at many venues throughout the week and received the warmest of welcomes wherever we performed. We were proud to leave Kazakhstan having taught the basic Irish dancing steps to the locals, who couldn’t get enough of our fantastic Irish culture.

2007 – Cairo, Egypt
2006 – Bursa, Turkey
2006 – Cairo, Egypt

In 2006, the Attridge Group experienced an amazing trip to Cairo, Egypt to perform for the Irish community there. A St. Patrick’s fundraising ball was held, and it was at this that our dancers performed. To be so far from home, surrounded by such magical history, yet there to enjoy our own wealth of culture was truly an unforgettable memory and such an honor for our dancers.

2004 – Disneyland Resort, Paris, France

Attridge Academy of Irish Dance

2003 – Iskele, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
2003 – Gran Canaria

Attridge Academy of Irish Dance

In March 2003, members of The Attridge Academy Of Irish Dance were approached to travel to the island of Gran Canaria, to perform for St. Patrick’s Night. Sheehans Irish Pub, is one of the most authentic of its kind on the island. Sheehans has become a home away from home for the Attridge Group, as they have returned there several times since 2003. St. Patrick’s night can see the pub full to capacity, all getting into the spirit of the occasion, clapping their hands and stamping their feet to the beat of the dances. The craic continues well into the early hours!

2002 – Edinburgh, Scotland

Attridge Academy of Irish Dance

2002 – Bursa, Turkey
2000 – Warffum, Holland
2000 – Edinburgh, Scotland
1999 – Sicily and Italy
1997 – Bursa, Turkey
1996 – Edinburgh, Scotland
1995 – North Carolina, USA

Attridge Academy of Irish Dance

1994 – Edinburgh, Scotland
1993 – Gorizia, Italy
1990 – Montochoro, Portugal
1989 – Istanbul, Bursa and Altinkum, Turkey
1989 – Willsau, Switzerland
1988 – Mostar, Yugoslavia and Dubrovnik, Croatia
1986 – Los Angeles and Santa Rosa, USA

The Attridge Academy of Irish Dance

The Attridge Academy dancers were joined by the St. Finbarrs Pipe Band, when they traveled to Los Angeles and Santa Rosa in the USA in 1986.

1983 – Porec, Yugoslavia
1983 – Gorizia, Italy

The Attridge Academy of Irish Dance

The Attridge Academy dancers were joined by Roger and John Crowley of the Carrigaline Pipe Band, when they traveled to Gorizia, Italy in 1983.

1982 – Tel-Aviv and Dimona, Israel
1980 – San Diego, Los Angeles and Boston, USA
1978 – Edinburgh, Scotland
1976 – San Francisco, USA
1973 – Brussels, Belgium
1973 – Warffum, Holland
1972 – Holland
1971 – France
1969 – Quimper, France
1967 – Portugal
1965 – Portugal
1964 – Brittany, France
1962 – Vienna, Austria
1961 – Helendorn, Holland

The Attridge Academy Dancers meet the Lord Mayor of Cork before their tour to Helendorn, Holland in 1961.

The Attridge Academy Dancers meet the Lord Mayor of Cork before their first ever international tour to Helendorn, Holland in 1961.